VDI Drones 3.2 released

We just released VDI Drones 3.2!

With VDI Drones you can benchmark and stress-test your environment, whether it’s large or small, virtual or physical. If you want to measure performance for many concurrent users on your network, you can; Do you want to make sure your PC is running better with its new CPU? You can. VDI Drones delivers consistent quantitative results.
The heart of the software is the drone. It can benchmark your environment for detailed results, run a customizable stress-test to measure performance under different types of pressure, and more.

For administrators managing a network of virtual desktops, the controller is more interesting. It makes use of the drone to simulate many concurrent users, all with a few button clicks. Profiles can be used to simulate a myriad of tasks – from having a very large excel file opened in the background to building a large matrix of releases. Did you ever wonder whether all your users can view a 1080p video simultaneously? You can easily find out!
While you’re running a benchmark or stress-testing your environment, we are constantly updating the software.

Always pursuing more consistent analyses and implementing oft-requested features, you can soon expect a new update!